About Us

Praying Together

With a Motto & Passion

With various work experiences in Project management, Designing and Operations in the publishing industry, a team of 3 came together 

to establish “Dickens & Orwell”, where all the publishing services are done with the utmost care, respect, and excellence without compromising the quality.

“Now You Know Us”.

"A Promise made for a Lifetime..."

"When you sell a product or service, you're making a promise to the customer. If you don't understand your audience, you'll never be able to keep that promise and you'll ultimately let them down." - DAYMOND JOHN

We make sure we UNDERSTAND you

"You are the reason we Exist..."

“Dickens & Orwell” is here for the Best and Best is “YOU”.  We provide our best services with excellence and commitment to match your Best. We are into Pre-editing and copy editing, Typesetting, Graphical design, and many more (keep guessing) under one roof - As you guess, so we provide. “It take months to find You but seconds to lose You” so we understand your value in our business.

"You have Inspired us..."

Your vision of providing knowledge and creativity to the world has inspired us to convert our passion into a profession. We are motivated by our commitment which is run by the fuel of your inspiration. Educating and enlightening through literature has always been your goal and we would like to see you reach those goals with Dickens & Orwell.

Meet Our Team

Image by Etty Fidele


You are an integral key to our team and we can't imagine a workplace without You

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We are grateful to our employees who work for us just to make sure we serve the customers the Best

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We respect and value not only our customers but also the society who play an important role in our company