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Publishing is the act of making information available to the masses either for free or as a paid product or service. This information can be in the form of anything. It can be audio, book, video, magazine or newspaper. Previously, it was mostly in the form of a book, magazine or newspaper. However, now that platforms like YouTube and Spotify have come, one can publish content in the form of video and audio as well. Now with the advent of the internet, different forms of content like eBook, websites, blogs, and video games are also getting published.

If you are someone who wants to get their content published, you should know about the parties involved. The most important one is a publisher. A publisher is a company or organization, or an individual, or a platform who gets your work published. Now, for different types of content there are different publishers. Like for videos, YouTube is the major publisher and for audio, it is Spotify.

Now, publishing can be categorised under three parts. They are:

  1. The traditional route: here you pick up a press and submit them your content. They will get it published after editing. Traditional book publishers usually receive the books from agents. Then, they buy the book, and print them. The cherry on the cake is that a traditional book publisher does not charge the author ANY MONEY. Also they might pay an advance, and they generally pay royalties to the respective authors. However, one demerit here is that the companies are the ones calling the shots. They choose to like or dislike your work. If they like it, you are in and they will get it published. If they do not like your work you are free to knock on another door. If they like the book they send you, or your agent, the terms and conditions of getting your content published. After you agree to it, they edit the book in their own way, and send you the book. Now it is on your shoulders to promote the book. The biggest merit is that they do not charge any money at all. They do not even charge for editing or publishing. All the additional work like printing or distributing or flying your work around the country are all on their dime. The demerit is that they get to keep most of the money that is made from the sales of your book. In return, they pay you a percentage popularly called a “royalty.”

  2. Self publishing: Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon falls in this category. Here you can submit your work and get paid. You can upload documents in several formats for delivery via the KDP website. You can charge anything between $0.99 and $200.00 for your content as an author. These documents may be written in varied languages.

  3. Publishing company: these companies are largely responsible for publishing your work. They pay you royalty after charging some amount.

If you are an author who is searching for a company offering publishing services, it can be difficult to categorise between

  1. the companies that concentrate on book publishing services as their primary business and

  2. the companies that offer publishing services as secondary to publishing.

Here are the primary points to keep in mind in order to choose between the two:

  1. Producing written content is no child's play. It comprises editing, designing the cover and interior structure and proofreading. One can also include illustration, indexing and other services necessary to a written content. This company may offer to promote your content in the form of services such as public relations, designing and printing promotional materials. In addition they might also charge you for designing author's websites, and offer coaching and other resources. You can also look out for a freelancer to do the book covers and interior page layout among the many types of design.

  2. as an author you also get to publish through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark. These are also known as Software as a Service companies (popularly called SaaS companies). They offer distribution to Amazon and other digital retailers, bookstores and libraries. In addition to this, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing provides templates for covers and pages as well. However, in this case authors have to do the formatting themselves.

As an author, you are at your will to choose whichever service you want to. Maybe, you have already edited your book and you do not need this service any longer. In this case, an author should be free to choose whichever services they want to and not feel pressured to buy services or products they do not feel necessary. There should not be any “upsell” from the company because content creation is a very long and tiresome journey in itself.

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