Taking baby steps to get your work published easily

Writing a book and being in the New York Times best seller list are in most people's bucket list. However the path is not easy. It requires sheer dedication, consistent efforts and hard work to complete writing a book. Then there is also the humongous work to get it published.

So it becomes very hard for first time writers to cope up with this dilemma. They have no idea where to start from. Hence, what should be your initial steps to get you ready for the Publishing. Read the following points before you start writing your book.

  1. Understand whom you are writing for: keep in mind that you are writing for a specific group of people and not for everyone. If it were for everyone, it would end up being for no one. Adapt your content to address the main concerns of your audience. Also keep in mind that the narration or voice of your content or book also matters to your audience. If you have already read some book in that genre, then you have some idea of it. Remember your target audience is your end goal.

  2. Start writing today. Writing is based on iterations. The more you iterate the better you become. So always keep trying. Do not get stuck in one place only.

  3. Create quality content: if you make content that is mediocre, people might forget it. You will not even get much engagement. However, quality content drives content from everywhere. For example if one kid says another he likes the Disney movies the other one will also go and ask his mom to take him to a Disney movie. This is how big companies use word of mouth. If your product or book is good, you can do this easily.

  4. State your objectives clearly. In this case you will be able to talk to your audience on a one to one basis. They will know how effective you are with words and will be impressed. They will even try to quote your content in one way or the other. Also it will get them a strong feeling of their idea of pop culture. If it suits them, they will come back to your next books also. Thus before writing a book know your audience and what they want to hear or read or watch. This is your target audience and book objective. Throughout the book try to maintain the same decorum. It will not only look uniform but also help in establishing a positive image of yours in front of your audience. Make sure the book is entertaining and engaging too as no one likes to get bored, no matter what their age is.

  5. Do not always do it for monetary purposes. Writing has a pure joy attached to it. Therefore even readers connect with them and feel them very strongly. The mind of your reader will be disgusted if you make them read anything crap just to make some thousands of rupees. It is neither desirable nor the right thing to do.

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