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We are specialized in helping exceptional authors and publishers share their work, content and publish through various formats like paperback, hardcover, ebook, audiobook formats and many more by the services we provide

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Our project managers are experts at integrating and monitoring our clients' end-to-end needs. They are experts in their fields and related services, and they are laser-focused on customer satisfaction. Our project managers have already received extensive training in developing and implementing appropriate plans for dealing with any potentially critical situation.

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Dickens & Orwell specialises in producing detailed, reliable indexes that are delivered on time and to your specifications. We create well-crafted indexes for books on a broad variety of topics, ranging from documents to multi-volume journals, and are particularly skilled at combining author design, structure, and cross-reference formatting. Writers / Authors who submit a document with a list of their preferred index terms may also demand page-locating services from D&O.


Our professional typesetters will transform your raw manuscript into a clear, print-ready format. We recognize the importance of clear and concise layouts in effectively communicating a message to readers. D&O has a team of professional compositors who use the latest pagination tools to format and arrange the document in a consistent style. They can meet all typesetting needs, from 1-color to 4-color, in a short amount of time. D&O is a typesetting company that specializes in books and journals.




 Our proofreaders have outstanding English language skills and use a systematic approach to detecting and correcting errors. Professional proofreading is done by experts who have been educated in various composition processes and publishing formats, depending on the topic and format.  A detailed examination of the various elements that appear in a layout (such as headings, paragraphs, diagrams, and colors) checked for their correct dimensions, placement, form, design, and so on which also part of the review process.


Our editorial team is well-versed in both British and American English fluently. The copyediting team at Dickens and Orwell has worked on a variety of publications, including monographs, textbooks, technical titles, major reference works, and magazines, and is familiar with publisher-specific models.




Reflowable eBooks: Dickens & Orwell provides eBook conversion services from PDF, regular paperback, word document, or any text format to common eBook formats like ePub 3.1, ePub 2.0, Kindle, Nook, and others. Depending on the needs of the publisher, D&O can also translate into proprietary formats.

Fixed Layout eBooks: D&O provides high-quality ePub conversion services with a fixed layout.


For book projects, Dickens & Orwell Pre-Edit service ensures that the copyeditors have a more efficient copyediting process. This free service can be added to all of your composition projects, whether they're done in-house. D&O runs clean up macros on the entire document, including the main text, footnotes, and endnotes, as part of the pre-editing process, enabling the editors to work more efficiently on editing, revision, and composition.



Artwork & Graphic design

Professional & Qualified graphic design resources are available at Dickens & Orwell to handle all facets of a publisher's design and production needs. Graphs and maps, graphical sketches, anatomical models, complex medical illustrations, chemical structures, and engineering diagrams will all be rendered by our skilled graphic designers. Dickens & Orwell has a comprehensive range of graphics and multimedia offerings that add value and ensure customer loyalty. Using our innovative methods, we can transform ordinary images into eye-catching graphics.


The dignity of the content is ensured during the project thanks to our XML-first workflow. We fully understand and embrace the benefits of an XML-first development workflow in the ever-changing digital content landscape, especially in terms of versatility, renewability, and integration. Our client's long-term performance depends on the ability to generate several publication formats and outputs for use on various devices from a single source file.

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